5 Tips for Adventuring with Your Dog

We love bringing our dogs with us everywhere we go, but especially on camping trips and along for big adventures in the mountains. The days we spend in nature are most rewarding when everyone’s having a good time––our four-legged buddies included. If they’re stressed or unhappy, then we’re going to be stressed and unhappy too. To make sure we get it right and maximize the fun had by all, we tapped the coolest dog parents we know for their best tips.

#1 Keep Them Comfortable

“Ollie is my catalyst into outdoor adventure,” says Stephen Martin, a filmmaker, photographer, and the dog dad behind @explorewithollie on Instagram. “But when we’re in a new place, that can sometimes make Ollie uncomfortable.” Yes, even dogs who’re used to traveling can still get stressed in new and unfamiliar places. For that reason it’s crucial to give them a cozy place of their own—Ollie’s is a doggie sleeping bag—that they can retreat to whenever they need.


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