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Featured Articles


8 Awwdorable Dogs Ready For Fall Fun

Oh, my gourd! It’s that time of year again. The leaves are changing, the weather’s getting cooler, and pumpkin spice is everywhere. People aren’t the only ones gearing up for sweater weather. We found 8 dogs ready for fall and ruv the season as much as we do. These furry friends are so cute they will have you wanting to roll in the leaves and eat everything pumpkin right along with them.



OLLIE ● Hand Made Adjustable Dog Bandana

Named after @explorewithollie (check him out on Instagram) - the best adventure partner out there!

Our adjustable bandanas come with gunmetal snaps that adjust up to 3 neck sizes, a matte black carabiner made in America by Omega Pacific and matte black rings - for easy on & off!


The Ultimate Adventure Companions

When you think of the ultimate adventure companion, who immediately comes to mind? For many outdoor enthusiasts, their four-legged friends remain faithfully by their side, no matter where they roam. Encountering a series of switchbacks up a mountain? No problem for an enthusiastic pup who’s eager to get to the top. What about a lazy day paddling around the lake? Most dogs wouldn’t miss swimming and playing fetch in the water for anything.



We've spent plenty of time highlighting the amazing natural features of Central Oregon. Sure, we have beautiful mountains, sweeping plains, deep caves, pristine lakes, and fantastic weather, but did you know we also have a thriving business community? That's why on today's blog post we're discussing some of the amazing stuff that's made right here in the Bend, Oregon area! 


An adorable compilation our favorite adventure dogs

The title says it all. When man's best friend takes to the outdoors and becomes the ultimate adventure buddy for their human(s), we at Outdoor Project get all of the 'feels' and our hearts go to mush. And judging by the popularity of the insta-dog in recent years, we would say that you likely have the same reaction. Because what's better than following your best four-legged friend down a forest trail or making it to the summit with your pup in your pack? Nothing, that's what.

Explore With Ollie: The Q&A

Born and raised as a Dallas city boy, Stephen Martin joined the Army in 2005. After seven years of service, he decided to make the move from his final station at NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, to Colorado Springs, home of some family friends and an exercise science degree program he was interested in pursuing at UCCS. Little did he know that this move would not only turn him into a proud—and very public—papa of a rescue pup, but also a hiker of 14ers and a professional photographer.


8 Outdoorsy Dogs to Inspire Your Adventures

If you enjoy camping and cute dogs, scrolling across photos that feature both on your Instagram feed will instantly make your day better. Camping With Dogs is an Instagram account and website dedicated to inspiring people to get outside and go camping and hiking with their best furry friends. Launched in 2015, the Instagram account now has 486,000+ followers and #campingwithdogs has been tagged more 477,000 times.


Keep Your Dog on the Nice List! 8 Easy Solutions for Holiday Challenges

December is one of the most behaviorally challenging months for dogs, as it’s full of distractions and temptations that can get dogs into trouble. With a veterinarian as a father, I know it’s far too common for pets to get into the holiday meal and become sick, or dash out doors and end up injured. Sometimes the season makes existing behavior problems all the more evident. Many of the challenges of the holidays can be addressed with easy-to-implement solutions. Here are the top challenges my clients have during the holidays and tactics to address them.


Badassadors. Hammock Heroes. All around good people.

We've got a lot of names for our awesome team family of supporters who do a little bit each day to help spread the word about their love for Trek Light Gear. They're photographers, nomads, athletes, adventurers, celebrities, students, and explorers. They live with passion, and they share that passion with the world. Now it's our turn to be an ambassador for them.

Take a moment to get to know the inspiring individuals below and fill out the application if you think you've got what it takes to become a Trek Light Gear ambassador.